The Story Behind Follicle Foundation

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

The hardships I don’t want you to have

Hello everyone, my name is Zeke and I am the founder of Prepare Your Hair. Just like most of you, I am dealing with hair loss. It started when I was 16, got really bad when I turned 20, and I am still battling it today (I’m 23). The difference between 7 years ago and today? I have conducted hundreds and hundreds of hours of research, regrown most of my hair/plan to continue growing until I have a full head of hair again, and most importantly just launched my first product!

Over the years of losing my hair I have learned a lot and tried just about everything in the process. I non-intentionally (all due to desperation) went through an extensive process of elimination to find the treatments that are most effective at stopping hair loss. I would search the internet for hours and hours every night reading forums, articles, and anything I could find that gave me a glimmer of hope. I would try treatments for months on end to see if anything worked, but surprise surprise, it never did.

These were tough times for me. I was just a young man going into college trying to find my place in the world. The fact that I was losing my hair made me feel very insecure. I was always looking at my friends envious at the fact that they could wake up, throw some hair gel in, and be on their way, meanwhile I was always worried about my hair. The fact that none of the treatments I was using worked compounded the already intense emotional strain that I was dealing with. It came to a point where I was ready to just give up and shave it all off, but I didn’t.

This is where the story changes.

Instead of giving up I wanted to take a new approach. I began doing intense research, probably more than I had time for considering I was a full-time college student. Instead of aimlessly reading articles hoping I would come across something useful, I was meticulously analyzing scientific studies and making sure anything and everything I was reading was coming from a legitimate source. By changing the goals of my research to focusing on understanding hair loss and how it works, I was not only able to transform and regrow my hair, but I was able to amass a deep understanding of how hair loss works and how to cure it.

It was through hundreds and hundreds of hours of research and testing out treatments on myself that I was able to find the near-perfect hair loss regimen. This is the regimen that I am sharing through Prepare Your Hair. It is a culmination of all of the time researching, money spent, and effort put forward throughout my 7 years of learning how to combat hair loss. I know firsthand how mentally straining not only dealing with hair loss can, but also trying to find viable information and treatments that work. My goal in creating this brand is to save you from all of the hardship that I went through to find the right combination of treatments that is most effective. This regimen has worked wonders for me, and it can for you too if you utilize all the tools it provides you with. Our first step in achieving that goal is the creation of…

Follicle Foundation (and the truth about hair loss supplements)

Yep, our first product. I am hoping that Follicle Foundation will put us on the map and allow us to disrupt the hair loss industry. How you may ask?

The hair loss supplement industry is very large, and growing. But, unfortunately too many of the supplements available are overpromising and under delivering. All too often you see hair loss supplements being marketed as a “cure all solution” to hair loss. The truth of the matter is that a hair loss supplement (that is not a 5-AR inhibitor, more on that later) is not going to be the most effective way to cure hair loss. Again, often you will see supplements that claim to block DHT, reverse hair loss, or make other deceiving promises. These claims are meant to generate sales and sucker people in, you know why? Because they don’t care about you they just want your money. I’d say a safe bet would be that little to none of the supplements creators have dealt with hair loss themselves, at least to an extent where they would appreciate not being given false hope.

This is where Follicle Foundation, and Prepare Your Hair as a whole, are different. While Follicle Foundation may not be revolutionary in the sense of using some new “magical ingredient”, it separates itself in several other ways:

Does not target DHT

We want to provide you with the most effective treatments for every aspect of hair loss. Natural ingredients that you will find in hair loss supplements are not the most effective way of blocking DHT. Furthermore, making sure DHT is suppressed is arguably the most important aspect of effectively stopping hair loss. DHT is the main culprit in male and female androgenic alopecia, or pattern baldness and should be treated as such.

If you are looking for the most effective way to block DHT talk to your doctor about a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor such as finasteride. It is an FDA approved treatment that has been studied extensively and has been shown to block up around 70% of the DHT in the scalp. Although some of our ingredients do inhibit DHT, we don’t want you to be duped into thinking that a hair loss supplement (that isn’t a 5-AR inhibitor) is the best way to block DHT, because it’s not.

We use ingredients that address other important underlying causes of hair loss

Instead we choose to focus on other factors that contribute to poor hair health and leave the DHT blocking to finasteride. Follicle Foundation contains a culmination of ingredients that work in conjunction with one another to boost your scalps health. These are all ingredients that I have been taking for 3 years now that I can say with complete confidence have each been a huge contributing factor to my successful hair regrowth. This unique combination is not available in any other hair loss supplement. Our formula is the result of my trial and error with multitudes of ingredients as well as research and scientific studies that support their efficacy towards improving scalp health.

Having a healthy scalp is vitally important to maintaining healthy hair and can even boost the effectiveness of other hair loss treatments. Poor circulation, damage from free radicals, dandruff and inflammation are just some of the many various scalp issues that could be potentially inhibiting your hairs growth. This is where Follicle Foundation excels above all the competition. By not only including the most effective ingredients, but also the correct amounts of each, our formula is able to strategically target all of these scalp-degrading issues (you can learn more about each ingredient here). Having addressed these issues, you will be laying a solid foundation that your hair can grow healthy and strong from, not to mention that optimizing your scalps health can lead to increased effectiveness of other treatments, minoxidil for example.

Honesty is the best policy and knowledge is power

Honesty really IS the best policy. I believe that by understanding hair loss, people will be better able to overcome it. A huge part of growing your understanding of hair loss is knowing exactly how and why each treatment will affect your hair. This is why being as transparent as possible when creating and marketing Follicle Foundation, as well as my brand as a whole, is of upmost importance to me. Our motto “build better hair” goes much deeper than just using the treatments because in order to successfully build something, especially hair, you have to have a deep knowledge of how you are going to do it, how everything works, and how it all fits together in the end.

Again, I have been through it and I can sympathize with each and every one of you and how you are probably feeling. My goal in creating Follicle Foundation is to provide people with the hair loss treatment, and knowledge that comes with it, that I wish I had when I was first starting to lose my hair.

Follicle Foundation pill bottle on top of hammer surrounded by green confetti

A final note

This is a very exciting step in my journey. I want to help as many people as I can grow the best hair while also raising industry standards of achievable results from non-surgical treatments and eliminating the misleading claims that are made all too often in the hair loss industry.

While I may be very knowledgeable when it comes to hair loss, I am not so much in the business world. I have big dreams for Prepare Your Hair and I want to personally thank each and every one of you for giving me a chance, even if you only just read this blog post. I hope to one day use my passion and genuine desire to make a difference to develop Prepare Your Hair into a brand that can take away as many of the negative aspects of hair loss as possible and provide people with the knowledge and tools that they need to Build Better Hair.

Follicle Foundation is available on Amazon now.