Derminator: Why It's Better Than Derma Rolling

Minoxidil is well established as an effective hair loss treatment, and although it can be effective on its own, combining it with microneedling has been shown to increase the effectiveness by 4x.

(Here I have written an entire article detailing exactly what microneedling is, how it works, and why it makes minoxidil more effective)

Typically, a tool called a derma roller is used to microneedle. It is a cheap, yet effective option, as it is the tool that was used in studies that boosted minoxidil’s effectiveness. But what if I told you that there was a microneedling device that is likely much more effective and could potentially yield much better results than a derma roller? Well there is, and it’s called the Derminator.

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In this article, we are going to talk about what the Derminator is and why it is a much more effective option than conventional derma rollers.

Let’s get started.

What is the Derminator?

Before we dive into things, if you do not know much about microneedling and how important it is, I highly recommend you read out article about it, things will make a lot more sense.

In short, the Derminator is a microneedling device just like a derma roller, except it is much more complex.

It is a medical-grade mechanized microneedling device that was originally designed to be used on the skin for collagen induction therapy (helps get rid of wrinkles). But, fun fact: just like the derma roller, although it was originally intended to be used on the skin, it was quickly discovered that it can have a dramatic effect on hair loss as well.

The machine itself is extremely well built and is about the size of a baseball. Included with the Derminator is a single-needle, 9-needle, and 12-needle replaceable cartridges, all which can be used for different purposes.

What makes the Derminator more effective?

The Derminator, being a medical-grade device, is used by professionals and people at home alike, and there are some significant advantages that is has over traditional microneedling tools.


The Derminator is unmatched when it comes to precision.

It allows the user to choose the needle length, needle penetration speed, and time in order to fit their exact needs, all with the click of a button. Once you’ve chosen your settings, the machine will continuously microwound at the exact length that was set and remain at a consistent pressure.

This is a huge step up from a derma roller because when you are derma rolling the pressure is completely dependent on you, and unless you have extremely steady hands, there is a good chance that the level of penetration will be uneven in areas.

By ensuring that there is even penetration throughout the duration of the microneedling session, the Derminator is far ahead of derma rolling in terms of consistency and avoiding damaging your scalp.


When using the Derminator for hair loss, it is recommended that you use the 12-needle cartridge on the “high” speed setting. Using these settings will allow the machine to cause thousands of microwounds in a matter of minutes.

Being mechanized gives the Derminator a distinct advantage as it is much more efficient at covering the problem areas in their entirety. It would take much, much longer to replicate the same number of microwounds with a derma roller.

So, not only is the Derminator a huge time saver, but the volume of microwounds, combined with the medical grade precision, will much more effectively allow minoxidil to work by providing a pathway to the dermal layer (where the base of the hair follicle is located).

Avoid damage

It was only more recently brought to the attention of the hair loss community that using a traditional derma roller can cause micro tears on the scalp.

Micro tears are a result of the way that derma rollers are designed. When you derma roll, you are rolling the apparatus up, down, and side-to-side on the affected areas. But, because the needles are coming in and going out of the skin at an angle, as opposed to straight in and out, it can pull in the skin and cause damage.

Using the Derminator avoids this problem entirely. The needles move in and out of your skin fast enough and with enough precision to avoid damage, even when you are moving the device around your head.

This is very important because micro tearing on your scalp could be damaging your hair follicles and may lead to the worsening of hair loss.

Less time commitment

It is recommended that you only use the Derminator once a week to allow your scalp to fully heal. And because of how fast the machine works, you can complete an entire microneedling session in just 5-10 minutes.

With traditional derma rolling, it would take much longer to achieve similar results that you would get from 5 minutes of the Derminator. Also, most experts recommend that you use a shorter derma roller (0.25 mm) 2-3 times a week and a longer needle (1.5mm) every couple of weeks (again to give your scalp the proper time to heal). Compared to 5 minutes once a week, that is a significantly larger time commitment.

One of the most important things when it comes to overcoming hair loss is remaining consistent with your treatments. Using the Derminator may be able to help with that because it does not interfere with your schedule as much as traditional derma rolling would and you know that you’re getting more out of it.

In conclusion

Whether you have been microneedling for years or are just getting started, using the Derminator will likely have a much stronger effect than traditional derma rolling.

The Derminator ensures medical-grade precision, increases minoxidils effectiveness, avoids causing micro tears, all while requiring much less of a time commitment, in my opinion it’s a no-brainer.

Unfortunately, the Derminator runs $190, but although it isn’t cheap I believe it is worth it. If you are serious about getting your hair back, you have to invest in quality hair loss treatments.

Just like a house needs a strong foundation, so does your hair.