3 Trustworthy Sources For Hair Loss Information

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

When you first start losing your hair you are in a vulnerable state.

This is because hair loss is very mentally taxing and has been shown to cause anxiety, depression, stress, and more. Unfortunately, since people (including my past self) are in a vulnerable state, it means that they are likely more inclined to believe information that they find online about hair loss. Whether it be causes or treatments, there are thousands of articles online covering just about anything hair loss-related that you can think of. But not all of these articles are providing accurate, trustworthy information.

To successfully overcome hair loss there is a lot of research involved. I have been researching and battling my own hair loss for seven years now. Throughout the last seven years there has been many ups and downs mentally and physically, but especially in regards to online information. For example, there would be a source that I thought I could trust that I would later find out was providing completely inaccurate information, leaving me clueless and even more stressed (this has happened multiple times). Luckily though, I have been able to successfully overcome my own hair loss, which I would have not been able to do with the good information that I found online.

It was only through extensive trial and error and many hundreds of hours of research that I have been able to find trustworthy sources of hair loss information that have provided me with tangible results, which is why I am writing this article. I am going to cover three hair loss websites that I believe are accurate, trustworthy, and that I can attribute my own success in overcoming hair loss to.

Disclaimer: these are my (Zeke Linman, Founder of Prepare Your Hair) opinions and are based on personal experience and may not reflect the experience or opinions of others.


Hairguard is an excellent resource for anyone looking for accurate information regarding hair loss.

It was founded by a man named Will Hartfield. Will is very open about his own hair loss as well as his success in overcoming it (which is quite impressive when you look at the pictures). Throughout the website you get the sense that there is a very personal connection being made because a lot of the information is related back to Will’s own successes and failures, and you can tell that he is very passionate about trying to help people beat hair loss.

Although Hairguard does have some products available, the blog is the highlight of the website.

The blog features many articles that cover a wide range of topics, all of which are extremely well written. One huge positive aspect of the blog is that almost every claim made has a study that is referenced to back it up. Additionally, more often than not the articles dive extensively into details of the studies in order to provide the reader with a better understanding of exactly what they mean (most websites will not do this) which is a huge plus because it provides you with peace of mind knowing that you can trust what you are reading.

Since the blog covers such a wide range of topics, it is my go-to if I need more details on a specific subject. The articles are very well rounded meaning that they cover just about everything/any pertinent information on the subject at hand.

It is for these reasons that I can say with confidence that Hairguard has been a huge contribution to me understanding hair loss and being successful in overcoming it. Hairguard has helped me form a successful regimen by learning what works and what doesn’t, what I need to add and cut out of my regimen, and exactly what to expect from treatments, and it could for you too (no this is not sponsored).

Any cons?

The only minor complaint that I have is that sometimes articles will dive into unnecessary details that don’t really add anything of value or importance to the overall message and can make them lengthy.

Overall I highly recommend utilizing Hairguard as your go-to for blog posts containing accurate information about anything related to hair loss. (besides our blog of course).

Follicle Thought

Although having accurate information on current treatments is usually the most important, it is also important to pay attention to news about new hair loss treatments on the horizon. This is where Follicle Thought shines. It is the best resource available, in my opinion, for news about new treatments that are being studied and/or developed.

The entire website is built around keeping people up to date with exactly how new treatments are progressing.

The articles are written in extensive detail and normally cover: what the new treatment is, how it is supposed to work (including the proposed science behind it), and sometimes include an opinion from the author about it. Also, old articles are updated immediately once new information about the treatment becomes available. This is very convenient because you can periodically check Follicle Thought to see the status of treatments that you are interested in. Information about release dates and other pertinent information is also included.

Not only are the articles on Follicle Thought extensively researched, but Follicle Thought is also the top resource that companies/scientists turn to in order to provide information/updates to the public about their research. It is certainly a website that doesn’t leave you second guessing if the information is accurate or trustworthy.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of websites that write articles about new treatments in which information is inflated and you can tell that the people writing them are uneducated/are not passionate about hair loss. Titles like “the cure to hair loss is right around the corner” grab people’s attention but often contain misleading or false information. Follicle Thought is a diamond in the rough for these types of articles.

Any cons?

Follicle Thought only contains information about treatments that are not yet publicly available, which may not be the number one concern of someone who is looking for treatments to start as soon as possible (use Hairguard for that information).

It can also be somewhat difficult to find the information due to the way the website is structured, but I will take that over false information any day of the week.

Hairlosstalk Discussion Forum

Before I talk about Hairlosstalk it is important to note that it is an open discussion forum. This means that anyone with an account can contribute and leads to a lot of inaccurate information being shared, but I believe the pros outweigh the cons.

The Hairlosstalk forum is one of the most popular discussion forums for hair loss sufferers. You can find threads with hundreds, sometimes thousands of replies about anything and everything hair loss related.

There are two main benefits of reading Hairlosstalk forums: it can help your mental state and there is a lot of good information (but you have to dig for it sometimes). Let’s talk about each.

Mental health

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the article, hair loss can cause anxiety, depression, and a whole host of other mental issues.

Overcoming hair loss is just as much about getting over the mental barriers and it is the physical barriers. This is one way that I have found Hairlosstalk to be helpful.

There is an entire section of the website dedicated to success stories, and there are plenty of threads. Reading about other people’s stories, struggles, and how they were able to beat hair loss can be very encouraging and motivating, or at least I have found it to be. Overcoming hair loss is no easy task and reading these stories can give you hope and reinforce that it is possible to achieve. Also, usually people will include the regimen that they used which you can pull ideas from to use in your own personal regimen.

Information worth digging for

Personally, I have found several pieces of very useful information on Hairlosstalk. Of course, just like any forum, there are going to be people that are going to try and spread negativity and those who just plain don’t know what they are talking about, but there is information worth digging for.

The sheer abundance of information on Hairlosstalk means that you can certainly find information about treatments or ideas that you would never find with a simple Google search. This is what makes Hairlosstalk unique and in some ways very powerful. But I cannot emphasize enough that you need to be skeptical.

How I recommend you use Hairlosstalk is as follows:

Let’s say you are browsing through the discussion forums and you find a topic that interests you. Read through some of the discussion to help gauge if it is worth looking further into. If you determine that it is, then go to a trusted source (again I recommend Hairguard) and see if there is an article written about it. If there is then great, if not then it may not be worth spending time or money trying to pursuit as there likely is no scientific evidence to back it up.

Any cons?


Again, this is an open discussion forum. Anyone with an email can contribute to it which results in a lot of unchecked, inaccurate information.

Granted that you remain skeptical, Hairlosstalk can be a great way to not only motivate and encourage you to beat hair loss, but can also be a good source of information as well. Just make sure you do the proper research and never rely solely on information without fact checking it.

In conclusion

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. There is a lot of bad information that takes advantage of vulnerable hair loss sufferers. Use these and other highly trusted sources for information and I can guarantee you that you will have better results in overcoming hair loss.

Just like a house needs a strong foundation, so does your hair.