What are we all about? helping you build better hair of course!

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I've Been There

I started losing my hair at 16. I know firsthand how devastating hair loss can be, especially at such a young age. It takes away your confidence, something that is very important to a young man trying to take on the world. Finding the right treatments was a process of trial and error for me. The problem? Lots of information and treatment options, lots of which are misleading. That is why I founded Prepare Your Hair, to provide people with an easy way to understand hair loss and find treatments that actually work for them so that they don't waste time, money, and more hair.


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Zeke Linman, Prepare Your Hair Founder


Our Values

are to make hair loss easily understandable, to provide a wide range of reliable treatments, and to create a relatable community that helps one another grow.


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There is a lot of information about hair loss available. There is just as much information about treatments. It can be very hard to know what information is accurate, or what treatments work and what to expect from them. Unfortunately a lot of companies like to take advantage of this making false claims and inflating information. This is where Prepare Your Hair is different. I (Zeke) have been through hair loss and I know what it is like to be deceived. This is why Prepare Your Hair will provide only reliable treatments and information about hair loss and will remain transparent about results you can expect so that you don't waste your time and money. 


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Hair loss can be very confusing. From trying to understand why it's happening, to how to treat it can all be very overwhelming. At Prepare Your Hair I want to bridge the gap of knowledge. By drawing comparisons with relatable, and easy to understand concepts, I hope to pass along my knowledge to others so that they have a better chance of successfully building better hair. After all, knowledge is power.


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Hair loss can be devastating. Having someone there always helps. I envision Prepare Your Hair to be a community of people that share knowledge, experience, success stories, tips, etc. It is calming to know that someone is going through, or previously went through, exactly what you are and that they achieved success. It is important to create a strong community around such a sensitive topic so that men (and women) can feel safe and secure dealing with hair loss. Prepare Your Hair will be just that. 

Prepare your hair's mission

Prepare Your Hair provides a well rounded treatment plan for hair loss that utilizes all available scientifically-backed effective treatments. Typical "hair loss companies" offer only FDA approved treatments such as Finasteride and Minoxidil. These are both effective treatments but when used alone oftentimes provide inadequate results. Prepare Your Hair differs in the sense that while we do recommend you utilize those products, we also highly recommend products that are not FDA approved, many of which that have shown strong scientific data to support their efficacy towards hair loss. By utilizing both FDA and non-FDA approved treatments Prepare Your Hair hopes to offer a more well rounded approach that can provide higher quality results than the average "hair loss brand."


Prepare Your Hair was founded with another principle in mind: understanding hair loss. Again most, if not all hair loss brands utilize terminology throughout their customer experience that the average person may not be able to fully comprehend. By drawing comparisons to a more widely understood concept: building, Prepare Your Hair attempts to bridge the gap of knowledge and expand customer understanding of how hair loss works and how to treat it. We believe that by increasing our audiences understanding they will be able to make well-informed decisions about what kind of hair loss they have and how they want to approach treatment options. By creating a community of informed customers Prepare Your Hair hopes to increase the standards of the hair loss treatment industry.

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We just released our first hair loss treatment!

In our effort to raise the bar when it comes to hair loss treatments and achievable results we are proud to announce our Follicle Foundation formula. It contains the right amounts of the right ingredients that will optimize your scalps health. This will set the stage for healthy hair growth with use of other treatments.