The Finish

Once you have built better hair, you want to keep that hair.

The finish is what keeps the hair you have built. It protects your hair so that you don't lose it all over again.

Think of the finish as general upkeep. Just like owning a house, you have to implement habits into your routine to make sure everything runs properly, it looks nice, and hair stays healthy.

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Good Shower Habits


There are three main showering habits that are very important for minimizing hair fall and preservation of delicate hair: 


First: always rinse your hair with cold water, both pre and post shampoo. Hot water can leave the scalp feeling dry and itchy and well as it can strip natural oils from hair. Using cold water actually improves circulation which means more nutrients are getting to your hair. Also, it tightens hair cuticles making hair hold on to the scalp better.

Second: how you dry your hair. Traditionally, people just vigorously rub their head with the towel until their hair is dry. This is actually really bad for your hair because when it is wet the cuticles are more prone to being damaged. Patting hair dry will save those delicate hairs . Although it may take a little bit more time for hair to dry, it is worth it to ensure that hairs are not being damaged when they are wet. Also NEVER brush your hair when it is wet, multiple studies have shown that it can cause accelerated hair loss.

Third: don't wash your hair every day. Most people are in a routine of showering every day but it is good to give your hair a break from showering to allow for the natural oils to replenish on your scalp. Natural oils keep the scalp from becoming dry and itchy. If you are using a good hair loss shampoo like Lipogaine, it is usually instructed that you not use it more than 3-4 times a week. Try to avoid big brand name shampoo's and conditioner's because they have a lot of harsh chemicals in them that are detrimental to hair.


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Inversion Method (Hanging)


This is one of the most important habits you need to pick up if you are going to see real progress in reversing your hair loss. It's called the inversion method. You hang upside down (so that your head is below your heart) 1-2 times a day for 3-5 minutes. This allows blood to rush to your head.  Inversion brings nutrients to your scalp and also increases blood flow and circulation. Not only that, it can increase the rate of hair growth and the rate at which hair moves from the resting phase (telogen) to the growing phase (anagen).


There is plenty of anecdotal evidence showing a positive correlation between the inversion method and hair growth.


Limiting Hairs Sunlight Exposure

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Try to limit my hairs sunlight exposure to no more than an hour a day. A little bit of sunlight is good because it supplies your scalp with vitamin D, but too much can have a host of negative effects on hair. These effects include: weakening the protein structure of hair, drying hair out which makes hair break more easily, and most notably, it causes discoloration of hair. These are all extremely detrimental to someone who is trying to fight hair loss.


If you are trying to regrow your hair where it is thin, more than likely you will have vellus hairs, or small colorless hairs. These are very important because they have potential to grow into healthy, thick terminal hairs. But part of that process is nurturing them and making sure they don't get damaged. If they are exposed to sun damage they will be more prone to falling out. One of the most important things when trying to get your hair back is to protect those vellus hairs. Wear a hat if you know you will be outside for a long time.

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Drink Lots Of Water


Drinking water has many benefits for your health, including for your hair! It is best to drink a gallon (about 3.7 liters) of water every single day. Doing so can increase energy, clear skin of acne, and increase the rate of hair growth. 

Tip: fill up a gallon jug every morning, try to finish it before you go to bed

Drinking water has many benefits for your hair. It keeps hair hydrated which stops breakage and dandruff (water actually makes up about 25% of a hair follicles weight!) Water also helps regulate your circulatory system, which means better circulation and more nutrients getting to your hair. 

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Don't Scratch Your Head


 If you scratch your head too hard and too often is pulls out the hairs. Same goes for brushing. The hair that you are trying to grow back is going to start out as vellus hairs, which are weak, brittle hairs. You need to protect and nurture these hairs so that they can become healthy again.

Tip: instead of scratching your head, poke the spot until the itch goes away

Why is the finish important?

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Now that you've started growing your hair back lets not only keep it, but make it the best hair it can be.

Boost effectiveness of other treatments being used

Maintains health and shine of hair, even after enduring harsh conditions

Protects hair and keeps a steady flow of oxygen and nutrients coming to the scalp

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