Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Follicle Foundation made?

Follicle Foundation is made in the good old U.S. of A. We have partnered with a high quality manufacturer that is based out of Norcross, Georgia. Our manufacturer is an FDA approved facility and has the Good Manufacturing Practice stamp of approval. At Prepare Your Hair not only do we want to help you Build Better Hair, we want you to do it right utilizing the highest quality treatments possible.

Does it ship internationally?

Prepare Your Hair is just in the infant stages. Currently Follicle Foundation will only be available to U.S. customers, but that doesn't mean we can't get there one day. Our goal is to eventually be able to ship our product all over the world so that everyone has the option to start regrowing their hair. We also are optimistic that we will one day be able to produce all of our own prodcuts, each of which will be the highest quality available on the market.

Where can I buy Follicle Foundation?

With the release of Follicle Foundation we decided it would be best to have it available on Amazon first. Ideally this will allow us to gain the trust of our customers in our products and eventually allow us to offer them on the website!

Does it work for men, women, and all hair types?

Absolutely! It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that men and women have different needs when it comes to hair loss. One example of this is that men commonly deal with DHT-induced hair loss and women more commonly battle stress-related hair loss. But of course everyone is different which is why our formula was created with everyone in mind. Our formula contains ingredients that tackle hair loss from all angles, so no matter what the source of your hair loss is whether it be poor circulation, DHT, stress, dandruff, or any other cause, we have go you covered. Our ingredients work with curly, straight, blonde, brunette, and pretty much any other hair type you can think of.

What makes Follicle Foundation so special?

Besides the ingredients that were specifically chosen to address all of the major underlying causes of poor hair health and hair loss, it is more the mission behind the brand. When taking Follicle Foundation we want to provide you with realistic expectations. A lot of hair loss supplements deceive customers into thinking it is going to be a one trick pony, the truth is that its not. To really beat hair loss without getting a hair transplant takes commitment to multiple treatments, and not to mention consistency. Taking Follicle Foundation will however, significantly boost your scalp health and provide a more than adequate baseline for you to start regrowing hair with other treatments. We hope that by using Follicle Foundation you will have interest in the brand which will allow you to better understand hair loss and how to beat it. Knowledge is key!

What kind of results can I realistically expect?

When it comes to hair loss treatments it ALWAYS depends on the person. Everyone reacts to things differently so do not look at a picture of someone elses results and expect the same. The thing about treating hair loss is... it takes time and consistency, no matter what treatment you are using. One of the fundementals we had in mind when creating Follicle Foundation was to provide the consumer with realistic expectations, so here you go. Follicle Foundation will NOT cure hair loss, at least completely. The aim of Follicle Foundation is to get your existing hair and scalp to the healthiest point they can be at. By nourishing the scalp and hair with powerful ingredients that address various underlying causes of poor growth conditions, Follicle Foundation will provide you with the baseline you need to successfully regrow hair. What you can expect from taking Follicle Foundation is a vast improvement in your scalp and current hair health. You will notice stronger, longer, healthier looking hair. Scalp related hair loss issues such as dandruff, inflammation, or poor circulation should diminish over time. Another effect that you can expect is to eventually start seeing better results from your other hair loss treatments. Since you are providing treatments with a healthy scalp and hair to work with, they will almost certainly yield better results.

How long until I see results?

After taking Follicle Foundation for 2-3 months you should notice an improvement in your scalp and existing hairs health. We're talking about stronger, longer, more nourished hair as well as less dandruff, better circulation, and much more. By months 5-6 your scalp (and hair) should be noticably healthier and in a much better position to start regrowing lost hair. Ideally, you would start our other reccomended treatments at the same time that you start Follicle Foundation. Always remember that consitency is key. Make sure you take all four pills everyday to maximize results.

What happens if I stop using it?

Now why would you do that? We preach that consistency is key over and over again at Prepare Your Hair. But... if you were to stop... Depending on how long you took Follicle Foundation, you would likely see a decrease in hair health and any scalp related issues that you had before would return. Also you might se a drop off in results from other treatments because they will not be working with the healthiest scalp and hair possible. The unfortunate truth is that once you start losing your hair there's no going back. Hair loss will be with you forever. It's what you do about it that counts. Stick with the treatments so that your hair doesn't go back to its old ways.

Will there be any unwanted hair growth anywhere else in my body?

No. Our ingredients were specifically chosen to target the hair and scalp. A couple of our ingredients aim to reduce DHT in the scalp, fortunately DHT only targets hair follicles, so you're in the clear.