Build Better Hair

Reversing hair loss is a lot like building a house. There are important structural components, none of which can be ignored. You need:




You can't build a house using just one tool, so what makes you think you can build hair that way? Hint: You can't. You need a tool kit.



Your hairs health and the success of your hair loss regimen lie in the foundation. Your scalp is your foundation. Without a healthy scalp you will not grow healthy hair. It is very important to know what tools it takes to build a strong foundation.



Think of the frame as what keeps the hair strong, healthy, and keeps it from falling out. The stronger the frame, the stronger the hair. A frame needs to be built well, built sturdy, and built correctly. For this you need the right tools...



The finish is how your hair looks and feels. The devil is in the details. You wouldn't want to grow all that hair back and not have it look and feel the way you had always imagined, would you? Didn't think so. 

Why us?

We want to raise the bar of achievable results from non-surgical hair loss treatments by:

Providing the most effective treatments available, FDA approved or not.

Providing valuable insight for better understanding of hair loss. Knowledge is power.

Being as transparent as possible whilst guiding you through recovery. 

Better Hair Blueprints

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Our attempt to raise the hair loss industry standards... starting with the right hair supplement.

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